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Geological/geotechnical and structural prospecting

We perform mechanical exploration in inland and aquatic environment through drilling to rotation/core drilling. We are also enabled to drill with wire-line and            -percussion systems. We have automated equipment for the accomplishment of the generality of geotechnical tests in-situ. Our offer in this subject includes the following services:

  • Geological and Geotechnical probes and structural probes;
  • Sediment sampling with Vibrocore;
  • Dynamic penetration drilling (PDL, PDM, PDP, PDSP) and static drilling (CPT / CPTU);
  • In situ trials (Lefranc, Lugeon, SPT, rotary cut, M√©nard pressiometer);
  • Geological reconnaissance wells, pits, and trenches.


Geological / Geotechnical Study

Our technical team ensures the realization geological-geotechnical studies with application in engineering projects as distinct as dams or single-families residential buildings. By integrating our team’s geological and geotechnical practice’s experience with the data’s reliability, this service accommodates the specific needs of each project, therefore ensuring the best benefit/cost ratio for the client.


Geotechnical Practice: Instrumentation and Monitoring

Prosolos has technicians who specialize in geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring and is able to install, read and process most instruments. There are some specific instruments which stand out in our service, for example:

  • LNEC type piezometers;
  • Casagrande-type piezometers;
  • Electric piezometers;
  • Multi-level piezometers;
  • Magnetic extensometers;
  • Rod extensometers;


Site Laboratory:

We have the specialized technical personnel and specific laboratory equipment for quality control in engineering works, ensuring greater proximity and availability on site. We are qualified to perform constructive quality control. We also guarantee the quality control of materials in projects involving soils, bituminous mixtures, aggregates, and concrete.


Laboratory Tests:

We carry out laboratory tests on soils, bituminous mixtures, aggregates and concretes.
We have a laboratory structure that allows the simultaneous processing of 50 samples, with a results editing process that is fully computerized. The Central Laboratory has different reception, testing and storage spaces for samples, occupying a total area of 400m2 (square meters).
We perform tests in compliance with national and international standards such as NP, EN, LNEC, ASTM, BS, NF, DIN, NLT.


Auscultação de Pavimentos:

Our teams are specialized teams in the auscultation of pavements and have total autonomy of resources, which guarantees greater efficiency and flexibility.

We perform:

  • Wells to investigate pavement structure, with sampling
  • In situ tests (DCP, portable impact deflectometer, plate bearing tests, gauge meter, etc.);
  • Pavement coring;
  • Laboratory tests on rigid and flexible pavements.