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Environmental Awareness

In pursuit of the goals of an increasingly environmentally friendly Europe, Portugal will sooner or later have to appy legislation in this area. Hence, there have been numerous promises that a legislation entitled Prosolos is to be implemented. Therefore, this draft law will oblige soil certification in order to guarantee environmental safety.

Much has been developed in environmental awareness and soil policy, but if Portugal wants to continue to affirm itself in the EC, it will have to be a pioneer in creating new legislation in this area. In order to achieve this, Portuguese legislation will have to require, on a primary level, that all potentially polluting companies, as well as owners with environmental liabilities, analyze their soils. Then, on a secondary level, it’ll have to require that these companies remedy said soils.


Credibility and Soil Certification

As public opinion is increasingly attentive to environmental issues in the business world, it is our opinion that listed companies with concerns about their institutional image should anticipate the law, thus minimizing negative impacts that may arise in the future due to ignorance / non-existent prevention. Good examples of this have been the ADP, which will bring serious criminal responsibility to its directors unless they demonstrate unequivocally that they did all the necessary sampling to avoid this problem, based on subcontracts with companies that had this responsibility in their charge.

Another example can be found in VW. After a wrong decision to deceive the world about the pollutant emissions of some of the brand’s models, instead of correcting them, they saw the value of their actions take a fall of almost 50%, not to mention the fines it is subject to and the loss at this incalculable moment in sales worldwide, and these are even suspended in several countries, thus losing one of its greatest assets which are credibility.


Soil Certification Packages

Prosolos has created standard service packages, in which the client knows the cost of the soil’s evaluation and environmental assessment.

These packages were created based on an area of 250m2, deriving from this number the costs of bigger areas.

The cost of each package varies depending on the granularity of the samples/contaminants to be evaluated, as well as on some exceptions that will have to be defined if there is a need to drill more holes than those in the package or if they require a different probe or core drilling machine than the ones on the package.



– Property information of the evaluated space;

– Map of polls’ sites and of their justification;

– Photographs of the projects;

– Results of the chemical / physical tests;

– Explanatory notes of the results;

– Suggestions for remediation or more detailed assessment

– Certification of compliance or non-compliance with national standards and Ontario norms.

 Our customers will be able to show that they are environmentally sustainable. Our customers will also be albe to use the certification logo in the entirety of their corporate image.

This is also an excellent opportunity to anticipate the legislative project which could represent quite significant cost savings. Consult us to find out how.