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With the intent to guarantee the best solutions and effective groundwater and soil remediation, resorting to new techniques, Prosolos is able to develop, alongside/with its clients, the most effective remediation methods, and procedures, resorting to various technologies, such as Zero-Valent Iron nanoparticles (nZVI).

The Prosolos team has participated in a number of national, European and international research projects. These projects include Nanorem, Reground, and Biocritical Metals.

We are currently in different consortia, applying to the new calls of Horizon 2020, in international consortia/consortiums. In these consortia, our unmatched application of in situ soil remediation is largely recognized.

In situ remediation is rather advantageous, as it is faster than landfill and has an inferior cost. The cost of in situ remediation can often represent a number 10 times smaller, than the cost of landfill.

The soil remediation will result in their certification as within the current environmental regulations:ção-de-solos/.